Yn ogystal â chyhoeddi adnoddau Cymraeg mae Cyngor Ysgolion Sul yn rhan o gonsortiwm sy’n cyhoeddi deunydd dysgu ac addoli ar gyfer yr Eglwys gyfan sef deunydd Roots. Cyhoeddir dau gylchgrawn yn ddeufisol sef un ar gyfer athrawon Ysgol Sul ac un ar gyfer arweinwyr addoliad. Yn ogystal, mae gwefan sy’n cynnwys miloedd o weddïau a myfyrdodau yn cael ei ddiweddaru’n wythnosol. Am fwy o wybodaeth neu i danysgrifio cliciwch yma.

ROOTS yn Gymraeg
Mae gweddiau wythnosol a taflen waith i blant bellach ar gael yn Gymraeg, ac yno yn rhad ac am ddim i bawb sy’n tanysgrifio i’r cylchgrawn.

Mae tanysgrifwyr i’r cylchgrawn ROOTS yn medru lawrlwytho deunydd wythnosol yn Gymraeg. Isod ceir sampl o un wythnos o weddïau a thaflen waith.
Am sampl o weddïau oedolion cliciwch YMA (PDF)
Am sampl o weddïau plant cliciwch YMA (PDF)
Am sampl o daflen waith i blant cliciwch YMA (PDF)

What is ROOTS?

ROOTS publishes two lectionary-based, bi-monthly magazines: Adult & All Age and Children & Young People plus a supporting website. A current (2017) annual subscription to Roots costs £49.50 for Adult & All Age and £49.50 for Children and Young People. A joint subscription to both magazines is also available for £89.50. Subscribers also get access to the ROOTS website at no additional cost.

ROOTS has published worship and learning materials since 2002 and offers an unique and comprehensive ecumenical resource package.

Flexible resources for every week
ROOTS provides materials for every Sunday of the year based on the Bible readings in the Revised Common Lectionary (RCL). Alternative materials are offered when the Church of England’s Common Worship Lectionary differs from the RCL.

for different styles and patterns of worship
ROOTS resources are written by experienced ordained and lay practitioners from across the denominations. The materials can be adapted easily to fit different types of worship, size of congregation or group and age range.

for all ages across the church community
ROOTS resources support worship and learning with adults, all ages together, with groups of children and young people.

Unlimited access to website
Your subscription to the ROOTS magazines gives you access to all the relevant online material –
there is a huge bank of resources in this website.

ROOTS is a joint Churches initiative, and is supported by Churches Together in Britain and Ireland together with representatives from Churches and church publishers.
ROOTS for Churches Ltd is a charitable company.

ROOTS materials are written by experienced ordained and lay practitioners from all denominations and traditions, and are flexible and easily adapted to suit a wide range of patterns and styles of worship and learning.

ROOTS is a partnership of denominations and other Christian Organisations:
The Methodist Church
The Archbishops’ Council of the Church of England
The United Reformed Church
Churches Together in Britain and Ireland
The Council for Sunday Schools and Christian Education in Wales
Christian Education

ROOTS for Churches Ltd
The ROOTS magazines and website are published by ROOTS for Churches Ltd.
Registered Office: 39 Eccleston Square, London SW1V 1PB.
Telephone: 0845 680 4095
Registered Charity No 1097466; Company Registered in England, Limited by Guarantee No 4346069